Beaches & Surfing in El Salvador

El Salvador's 320km (200-mile) Pacific coastline boasts not only the eco lodge, La Cocotera, but also unspoiled beaches and ideal locations for surfing in El Salvador. Popular beaches include La Barra de Santiago, El Cuco, El Sunzal and El Tamarindo.

The beautiful beaches and unbeatable geographical location provide some of the best areas for surfing. In fact, ultimate wave seekers often refer to El Salvador's coast as a "surfer's heaven". With mostly vacant waters, El Salvador’s beaches are the perfect place to catch a wave, take a surf trip and soak up the sun. Places like Punta Roca in Costa del Balsamo are well known for their beach breaks, river mouths, reefs and cobblestone points.

For the longest wave in El Salvador that’s perfect for both long boards and short boards, try El Sunzal. The waves are big and surfer enthusiasts can often be found spending their time here. The coast to the west of El Sunzal has many beach breaks and a few river mouths, and it enjoys some of the most consistent surf in the country of El Salvador.