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“Responsible Traveler” Pledge for Eco Resorts and Visitors

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

A corner stone of our tropical El Salvador Eco Resort is, of course, a great concern for the environment that is shared by many of the patrons and guests here. Beyond booking an eco-friendly resort for a vacation, an organization called the World Heritage has compiled an online Responsible Travel Pledge, a list to help travelers remain mindful during their journey. By signing the Friends of World Heritage, the list hopes to empower others and help preserve the natural and cultural attributes that make places you visit, like El Salvador, unique.

Actions that visitors can take to alleviate any ecological footprint are understated but important. The Responsible Travel Pledge challenges travelers to incorporate three basic tenets when planning a trip and when traveling to a World Heritage site:

  1. Discover the natural and cultural beauty of World Heritage sites by learning about the history, customs, folklore, and biodiversity that make them so special.
  2. Share their commitment to these sites with hotels, tour operators, and other travel-related entities.
  3. Preserve the natural and cultural values of World Heritage sites by following designated trails, respecting local rules and customs, and not removing archaeological or biological treasures.

By signing the Responsible Traveler Pledge, travelers can take small but important steps to preserve  more than 850 places that the international community has recognized as World Heritage sites, and help ensure that these natural and cultural treasures remain for generations to come. Visit Friends of World Heritage to learn more about World Heritage sites and to sign the Responsible Traveler Pledge.