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Local Activities

_MG_3182Beach Walks
Turn right out of La Cocotera and you can walk along the beach to the bocana, or mouth, where the estuary and ocean meet. The tip of land at the end is a protected area, but there you can find a little snack shack that offers drinks and local snacks.

Turn left out of La Cocotera and you can walk along the beach to the village of La Barra de Santiago, a local fishing village. It’s about a 30-45 minute walk one way, so make sure to bring water and sun protection. In the village there are places on the beach for a cool drink or snack.

Turtle Release (in season) – Free
From September through February we usually have baby turtles that can be set free in the ocean. Each guest is invited to release one turtle.

In-Room Massage – $35 for 1 hour

In-room massages are available. Please contact our manager to schedule.

Sunset Dinner Cruise- $15/person
Set out on our larger boat for a magical sunset/evening outing in the mangroves that includes a dinner of local pupusas.

Visit the Local Village by boat – $15/person
Round trip boat transportation from La Cocotera to the local fishing pueblo of La Barra de Santiago. Leave from our dock and arrive at the dock of downtown La Barra!

Estuary/Mangrove boat trip – $20/person for 1 hour
Go by boat into the mangroves and see a wide variety of birds and reptiles. Learn about the mangroves and their connection to the local ecosystem.

Boat Pulled Activity (Donut) – $35 for ½ hour (max. 3)
As long as the tide cooperates, you can water ski in the estuary or get pulled around on a “donut” by our boat. Beginners are welcome. It’s all great fun!

Artisan fishing with a Local – $50 ½ day, $90 full day (plus consumption of gasoline)
Fish with one of our locals in our panga and troll the estuary for a variety of fish. All equipment is supplied.

Surf class with a local – $15 for 1 hour
For beginners or intermediate surfers. Includes board. Please contact our manager to schedule.

Behind the Scenes Eco Tour – Free
We’d be happy to show you our different eco processes, which include our water treatment plant, solar capabilities, non-chlorinated pool, turtle nesting area and more.