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El Imposible National Park

At a glance: Hike in El Salvador’s largest National Park. Walk the Caminata en la Naturaleza to the Mixtepe Visitors Center then hike to the Junction where the Rio Guayapa and Rio Venado meet and visit the Piedra Sellada archaeological site.

  • Full day trip, sturdy shoes necessary
  • For the eco-friendly traveler, we suggest a visit to one of the most famous national parks, El Imposible. The park is a premier example of a dry tropical forest in Central America, many of which have disappeared over the years. A well maintained national park, El Imposible offers nature trails and clear rivers in a protected environment with guides on site. Varied vegetation and fauna offer a refuge for numerous bird and wildlife species, including the rare black hawk eagle.

El Imposible is an important national park because it is one of the last remnants of El Salvador’s original forests. Walk through its 13,000 acres by paths and you will likely see a variety of exotic animals and birds.

The park has three major trails: a 1K nature hike, a 6-7K loop into the valley to see a delta of two rivers, and an 8-9K hike to Cerro Leon, the highest point in the park.