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Ruta de las Flores

At a glance: Visit and shop at 5 local “pueblos” (Villages) along the beautiful flower lined “Ruta de las Flores”. Stop for lunch in a coffee plantation. Visit local galleries.

  • Full day trip

The “Ruta de las Flores” is located near the La Cocotera eco resort, this dramatic mountain road traverses up and down hillsides and is aptly named Ruta de Las Flores, or “Route of the Flowers,” for its beautiful floral scenery.

Ruta de Las Flores is an easy to navigate, 36 kilometer street that links Sonsonate to Ahuachapán. Found on this road in the cool mountain climate and the rich soil are bright lush flowers and coffee blossoms that drape across the volcano’s base like a white cloak.

The “route” is perfect for wandering through the beautiful lagoons and browsing through the wares of local artisans. The local people, who have closely kept traditions and customs, offer weaving and colorful handmade wooden crafts. The Nahuizalco A Pipil village, for example, specializes in wicker handicrafts and furniture. In this town, you can also stop by the gift shop at CED Art for more samplings of the locals’ work.

Juayúa is a charming mountain village along the way, popular for its weekend food fair. Take a bite out of a local dish called Yucca, a steamed and fried sweet potato topped with “curtido,” a mixture of pickled cabbage, carrots and hot sauce. Visitors can also enjoy tours of the beautiful colonial churches set amongst the lush flowers.

The road can be driven on by car, while buses run from the nearest town, Achuapan, through the scenic wooded valleys. However, many suggest taking a stroll down the street and visiting its serene surroundings on foot.