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Things to Do at your El Salvador Beachfront Hotel: Surfing

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

At La Cocotera Resort, the scenery consists of long stretches of coast and clean beaches. From your incredible hotel room to the distant mangroves, it is all breath-taking, not to mention the sunsets. The area is spectacular for so many reasons. From the wild life to the local culture, there is always something amazing to do.

To really make your trip complete, take advantage of one of the best surf locations in the world. In El Salvador, some have described the breaks as rough and there have been stories of people who break their boards - not uncommon stories I might add! Some have reported seeing breaks up to 6 meters! But fear not gnarly dudes and dudettes. If you want softer waves, go down the beach towards the villages where the waves are more mellow and good for beginners.

When you visit La Cocotera, not only do you get to stay at one of the best El Salvador beachfront hotels, you also get to experience some of the world’s most renowned and challenging surfing!

General Traveler Info on La Barra de Santiago

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

La Barra de Santiago is located on the Santiago Peninsula with long sandy banks created by the currents of the estuary. It is the perfect location for breathtaking sunsets over the ocean. One of the most attractive features of this area is that there is no one around, with the exception of maybe the locals or surfer kids.


The Santiago Peninsula is a must for people who love nature. There is a coastal highway that runs from Acajutla through the Guatemalan border. To reach the village Barra de Santiago, take the turnoff at KM 98.5 . If you choose to travel by bus, there are two direct departures from Sonsonate (morning and afternoon). Take  bus #285 to the end-stop at 35 Ave Sur, then walk approximately three blocks to the end of the road.

Barra de Santiago provides numerous dirt roads and walkways along the peaceful beaches to the tip of the peninsula. These beaches are unspoiled by the mega-hotels that vacation destinations like Cancun suffer from. You can walk for miles, undisturbed, along this peaceful, safe and relaxing beach.

Must See
Barra de Santiago  harbors a protected area where you can observe turtle nests on the beach, walk through mangroves, and even go bird watching. A short walk will take you to the tip of the peninsula, giving you a remarkable panoramic view of the volcanic mountain chain from the Volcan de Agua in Guatemala all the way to the Santa Ana and Izalco volcano in El Salvador. The lush foothills of the El Imposible National Park are the backdrop of the mangrove forest.

For more information on some of the amazing views or about our El Salvador beachfront hotel, visit our main page at, or click on the icon in the left hand corner.

Being Environmentally Friendly: How to Travel Green

Monday, April 27th, 2009


Eco travel is a phrase that has been tossed around in travel blogs and recent travel news, but what does it really mean? While you don’t have to forfeit all  worldly possessions, there are plenty of little changes that you can make to do your part and travel green. Here are few tips on How to Travel Green:

  • Take fewer, longer trips. Save all of your vacation time  for one big trip a year, rather than several small ones throughout.
  • Choose destinations with easy access to other areas so you get the most out of your trip.  You’ll  save money, meet more local people, and get a lot of exploring and learning done all in one trip.
  • If you need to get around at your destination, use public transportation, walk, or even bike whenever possible.
  • When renting a car, choose the smallest vehicle that can comfortably accommodate you and your travel party, or rent a hybrid.
  • Stay at an eco friendly resort
  • Take an eco tour - learn about the local people and  natural environment
  • Recycle in your hotel room -   many hotels have begun implementing a linen re-use program. You can contribute to the green movement not only by reusing linens and sheets, but by saving your recyclable trash too. Leave a note for the housekeeping staff so they know not to wash your linens.
  • If possible, unplug everything in your hotel room to conserve energy.
  • Use your own toiletries instead of the provided ones.
  • Keep your showers short, and shut off the water while you’re brushing your teeth.
  • When you leave the room, turn off the air conditioning, heat, television, lights or any other electric devices.

La Cocotera -  Environmentally Friendly Resort in El Salvador

La Cocotera was built following the “green leaf” system utilized by the Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST). Our hotel features:

  • Solar energy
  • Energy saving light bulbs/ kinesthetic power flashlights
  • Biological (not chemical) waste water recycling treatment plant
  • Environmentally safe products, shampoos and soaps
  • All cleaning products are environmentally safe
  • Recycling of plastics, paper and glass
  • Ionization pool filtration

La Cocotera also offers ecotourism opportunities such as a Turtle Release program and nature tours. To learn more, visit our Ecotourism Page!

Welcome to the La Cocotera Eco Travel Blog!

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009
La Cocotera Eco Resort

Welcome to the La Cocotera Eco Resort Blog! Here you will find all the latest information about our eco resort from  events and news to special offers. We will also be featuring a variety of useful and interesting articles on eco travel, things to see and do in La Barra de Santiago, and general travel info on surrounding areas. Think of this blog as your one-stop-shop for all things new and interesting about La Cocotera Resort and the wonderful world of  travel!

La Cocotera Resort is an environmentally friendly resort in  El Salvador. As a green hotel, we strive to provide guests with a pristine world-class destination, while still nurturing and supporting the local people and environment.  We encourage nature and luxury lovers alike to visit our green hotel in El Salvador for a truly unique and relaxing vacation experience.